17 Feb 2010

SignatureSense Launches On-line Contract Signing App for Agencies

SignatureSense is a new service for the recruitment industry aiming to remove the hassle surrounding getting contracts signed.

Generally an agency will need contracts in place before a placement can commence. However, posting or faxing paper copies of a contract to be signed by two or three independent parties can become an admin nightmare, often taking several days more more to complete.

Using SignatureSense, an agency can upload the contract for signing into a secure web portal and easily invite the relevant parties to review and electronically sign the contract. This means that the contract can be signed and legally executed in minutes rather than days.

Internet users are already familiar with signing contracts on-line in areas such as Internet Banking, e-bay, e-commerce, software downloads and many other examples.

This unique application of technology will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of the contract signing process, plus users can give themselves a green pat on the back for not wasting paper and energy in the process.

SignatureSense is currently looking for agencies to join in with the beta testing phase. Interested parties can contact