Case Studies

iBalance Limited -

Web-based Expenses Management and Payroll System For Contractors

iBalance is miles ahead of competition with it's vision and realisation of providing a full web-based service to it's clients.

Many of iBalance's clients are IT contractors themselves, so a first rate online Customer Portal was essential to maintain a reputation of excellence in customer service.

Amongst other things, the portal allows iBalance's contractor clients to raise timesheets, log expenses and view their payment history.

We are please to continue to have a close relationship with iBalance following the launch of the application several years ago. We're constantly improving and expanding the web-based software to cater for every aspect of their forward thinking company.

Some YouTube videos of this web application in action can be seen here.

Quube Limited -

Online Timesheet Authorisation and Management System

Quube offers timesheet management services to recruitment agencies. Quube relies on it's custom built web-based application, developed by JRiSystems, to provide 24/7 access to their users ranging from workers, contract supervisors and financial directors.

We've also extended this application to interact directly with Quube's banking system in order to automate their whole payment cycle.

The web portal allows the input, authorisation, payment and analysis of timesheet details, plus the production and dispatch of corresponding sales invoices.

SignatureSense -

An Online Contract Sign-Off Service

JRiSystems is building the web application behind a service called SignatureSense due to launch early in 2010.

The web-based application allows businesses to upload contracts for review and sign-off by third parties.

Rather than sending paper copies to all signatories, the system built by JRiSystems, allows signatories to securely view the contract online and apply their signature 'electronically'.

This innovation will reduce, drastically the time taken to execute a contract.

SignatureSense hope to capitalise on EU legislation which makes electronic signatures legally binding.